Volunteer For Good Health

‘Volunteering does more than just make you feel good.  Studies show that people who volunteer live longer, healthier lives and enjoy lower rates of depression and hearth disease.  “I witness this daily in volunteers of all ages,” says the Rev Lisa Bryan, supervisor of Volunteer Services for Good Samaritan Hospital.  “I think volunteering improves health by improving well-being, from the social aspect of forming friendships to the physical aspect of just being more active.  Some of our volunteers log up to five miles a day.”

“As a volunteer, I get to see how patients benefit from what I do firsthand every day – but they give me back as much as I give them,” says Marie Rich, a volunteer with the pet therapy group at Bethesda North Hospital’  Information has been provided by Tri Health News Spring 2013

If you are interested in volunteering with the DWC, call Shelley @ 513-489-0900 or email deerfieldwomensclub@yahoo.com.

About deerfieldwomensclub

Our Mission Statement Having fun and forming lasting relationships by participating in social and fundraising activities to support community, philanthropic and service projects.
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